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Heirs According to Promise
August 24, 2014  |  21:32  |  5.2 MB
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MetroHope Recovery Ministries
August 17, 2014  |  20:42  |  5.0 MB
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There’s Only One Way to Finish
August 10, 2014  |  21:59  |  5.3 MB
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The Truth of the Gospel
August 3, 2014  |  20:02  |  4.8 MB
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Seeing Grace
July 27, 2014  |  29:15  |  7.0 MB
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You Are Your Best Argument
July 20, 2014  |  19:30  |  4.7 MB
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Apostolic Astonishment
July 13, 2014  |  21:51  |  5.3 MB
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Your weather just got better.

Welcome to pilotknob.org ...
Thanks for visiting. We’re excited about what pilotknob.org can offer to both members of Pilot Knob Lutheran and the surrounding community. There are many churches in the North Iowa area, each with its unique ability of serving in the Body of Christ. We pray you find the congregation God has chosen for you to serve.

We encourage you to not only take a look around, but also tell us about your visit: how you use the web site, and what you’d like to see added to pilotknob.org. We desire to be a resource for the Christian and non-Christian alike. Thank you, and may God enrich your day.

We hope you’ll visit us in person, too! We’re a short drive from numerous communities: Forest City, Fertile, Hanlontown and Joice, Iowa.

Rev. Robert Snitzer Rev. Robert Snitzer

Thanks for a great VBS!

We had an exciting time at VBS the last week of July with young children and adults alike. Everyone participated in the opening songs, enjoyed the puppets, Bible studies, crafts, great snacks and games. Everything was wonderful and we appreciated everyone’s help. We couldn’t do it without you.

The first theme of the week was “Don’t be fooled by counterfeits!” In other words don’t allow another Jesus to take the place of the Jesus of scripture. In the adult class we looked at a number of areas regarding the authentic Jesus and the reliability of scripture. In our 21st century we are experiencing increasing attacks upon the Christian faith not only by non-christians but even those who claim evangelical Christianity as their faith.

For example liberal scholars will tell us that only about 18% of what Jesus spoke as recorded in the four gospels is authentic. Others will go so far as to assert Jesus never existed. Still others will say the early church wrote or compiled the New Testament some three hundred years after the fact. Now who is correct and is it possible to know with any certainty?

C.S. Lewis, a great literary critic of ancient literature and outstanding defender of the faith, said we cannot have a reliable salvation wrapped up in an unreliable history. In other words, if the Bible can be shown to be inaccurate, then why would anyone believe anything else it says, particularly the gospel of salvation?

During the week we looked at no less than seven categories of Jesus, such as the Jesus of history, the Jesus of authority, the Jesus of reality and so on. One particular question was how do we know the gospels are authentic and written by eyewitnesses, a mere thirty to fifty years after our Lord’s resurrection? One hallmark of an authentic eyewitness is the author would never record insignificant information unless it really happened. One of many examples is recorded in John:

“They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him. But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger.”
 —John 8:6
What did Jesus write in the dust? No one knows even though John was there. The writing must have been scuffed over by the time John got there to look.

This is a hallmark of an authentic, eyewitness account. Not a compilation of literature assembled or written by the early church three hundred years later. What we have before us in our Bible is truly God’s inerrant word written by eyewitnesses and breathed by the Holy Spirit. Yes scripture is reliable, true in all it teaches and what Jesus taught is 100% authentic. We would do well to read, study, believe and obey.

Christianity is true and historically accurate and tells us how to be right with God and gives assurance we will enter his eternal kingdom upon leaving this world.

Do you know the authentic Christ or are you following a counterfeit?

 —Pastor Bob


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