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Daily Bible Quiz Archives: January 2009

January 31, 2009: To how many mothers were the 12 sons of Israel born? Read Genesis 29-30. ANSWER: Four. Genesis 29:31-30:22
January 30, 2009:
Who was Jacob’s mother? Read Genesis 25. ANSWER: Rebekah. Genesis 25:26
January 29, 2009:
Ishmael’s mother was from what country? Read Genesis 16. ANSWER: Egypt. Genesis 16:1-2
January 28, 2009:
Who was the mother of all living? Read Genesis 3. ANSWER: Eve. Genesis 3:20
January 27, 2009:
Who was Paul’s companion on his early missionary trips? Read Acts 13. ANSWER: Barnabas. Acts 13:2
January 26, 2009:
To what people far away was Paul sent to preach? Read Acts 22. ANSWER: Gentiles. Acts 22:17-21

January 24, 2009:
With whom did Paul get acquainted during his first visit to Jerusalem after his conversion? Read Galatians 1. ANSWER: Peter. Galatians 1:18
January 23, 2009:
After his escape, where did Paul immediately go before returning to Damascus? Read Galatians 1. ANSWER: Arabia. Galatians 1:17
January 22, 2009:
What did Paul use to escape from Damascus? Read Acts 9. ANSWER: Basket. Acts 9:25
January 21, 2009:
Once healed, where did Paul go to preach? Read Acts 9. ANSWER: Synagogue. Acts 9:20
January 20, 2009:
Who did God sent to Paul to cure him? Read Acts 9. ANSWER: Ananias. Acts 9:10-17
January 19, 2009:
How long did Paul spend at Judas’ house without eating or drinking? Read Acts 9. ANSWER: Three days. Acts 9:8-11

January 17, 2009:
What did Paul loose on the road to Damascus? Read Acts 9. ANSWER: His sight. Acts 9
January 16, 2009:
Who did Paul meet on the road at noon? Read Acts 9. ANSWER: Persecutor. Acts 9:5
January 15, 2009:
Paul requested permission from the authorities in Jerusalem to visit what city? Read Acts 9. ANSWER: Damascus. Acts 9:1-2
January 14, 2009:
What was Paul’s first role in early Christianity? Read Acts 8. ANSWER: Persecutor. Acts 8:3
January 13, 2009:
Who was killed when Paul was present? Read Acts 7. ANSWER: Stephen. Acts 7:58-60
January 12, 2009:
In whose school was Paul educated? Read Acts 22. ANSWER: Gamaliel. Acts 22:3

January 10, 2009:
Of what was Paul a citizen? Read Acts 23. ANSWER: Rome. Acts 23:24-27
January 9, 2009:
Of whom did Paul’s father followed the teachings? Read Acts 23. ANSWER: Pharisees. Acts 23:6
January 8, 2009:
Where did Paul’s nephew live? Read Acts 21 and 23. ANSWER: Jerusalem. Acts 21:17, 23:1
January 7, 2009:
Paul was born outside of Israel in what city? Read Acts 9. ANSWER: Tarsus. Acts 9:11
January 6, 2009:
What was Paul’s tribe? Read Philippians 3. ANSWER: Benjamin. Philippians 3:5
January 5, 2009:
What was Paul’s Jewish name? Read Acts 13. ANSWER: Saul. Acts 13:9

January 3, 2009:
In Nathan’s prophecy to David, under what was the ark of the covenant? Read II Chronicles 17. ANSWER: Curtains. II Chronicles 17:1
January 2, 2009:
Which prophet spoke to David about his house and kingdom enduring forever? Read II Samuel 7. ANSWER: Nathan. II Samuel 7:4, 12, 16
January 1, 2009:
Which king received the prophecy of a virgin conceiving and bearing a son? Read Isaiah 7. ANSWER: Ahaz. Isaiah 7:10, 14


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